Custom lighting elevates the atmosphere in any space and is a way of bringing your personal style into any room. At David Laurence Flynn the most popular examples of handmade custom lighting are ceiling lights.  They can be large or small and are capable of conveying the style you want, be it contemporary, rustic, organic or classic. Artisan lighting handmade items uplift and bring style to any room.

I will work with you through the creative process to design and then fabricate something very artistic that is also functional. You will be able to choose the primary material such as wood, metal or glass and have it be honed precisely to the size and shape you want.


The result will be a chandelier that is not only designed for your space and is yours alone, but also able to turn your dreams into reality.


 I've always been drawn to the beach. Walks to meditate and calm my mind. In an age where oceans are sadly filled with plastic, driftwood is a reminder of the benefits of natural decay in the ecosystem. It is also a reminder of how nature can gently age our surroundings. Searching and harvesting the wood is a process in itself.

After a storm is the best time to find these wonderful traveling trees. I may sit with a piece of driftwood for a month before I decide to create light. Once a candle is placed in a desirable location on the wood the piece takes on a second life. It is a wonder of artisan lighting handmade.

All of the driftwood used in making my sconces has foraged on the New England shore. The items are beautiful examples of handmade custom lighting.



If you have a lighting fixture you love or is a family heirloom, it can be brought back to its former glory.  I lovingly and carefully repair and rehabilitate all types of lighting fixtures, including but not limited to, chandeliers, pendant lights, floor or table lamps, and wall sconces.


My creativity and passion for lighting allow me to see possibilities for beautiful fixtures from the simplest repair to the most elaborate ones.  I will restore/repair your fixture and return it to your installation ready.


Bring in your favorite object and we will convert it into the light. The term retrofit has a connotation of moving backward. We like to think we are moving forward with you. Taking an object that has great meaning and symbolism and synthesizing it with light.


Please feel free to make an appointment for having a free no-obligation consultation in my studio.  There is a charge for an in-home consultation.




When I work I always listen carefully to the unique ideas of each client and the challenges they can pose.

By working together with each of my clients a synergy of vision emerges that uniquely serves each person’s needs.

As an artisan lighting craftsman I believe that an exceptional lighting fixture is a combination of four elements:

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Finish

  • Skill

Whatever the task in hand – custom lighting manufacturing, restoring, repairing, and retrofitting. I strive to excel. My aim is always for my customers to be able to see the results in the lighting fixtures I craft.

Each of my projects is an artistic endeavor that delivers both the aesthetics and functionality that will provide pleasure for many years. It is with pride that I bring my skills and vision to each project and light up every space.



Bob Bundy

David has completed two projects for me and I certainly would not hesitate to recommend him or work with him again.       

(Poundridge, New York)    

Juliet Balian

Great designs and craftsmanship with one of a kind lighting fixtures. Also excellent for repairs and retrofitting. 

(Westport, Ct. )          

Marjorie Welsh

I searched for months for a certain chandelier. When I couldn’t find it I came to custommade. Mr Flynn’s work best suited my needs. His expertise had him asking me questions I didn’t know needed answering. He thought of every detail. The result is a beautiful chandelier with copper accents. It looks fantastic against a reclaimed wood ceiling.

(Lenoir, North Carolina)

Mary Maco 

Prior to moving our new home, I acquired numerous antique light fixtures, all of which needed work of one kind or another. David's expertise proved to be invaluable whether for re-wiring, adjusting configuration or patina, or replacing missing parts. As a result, I have a house full of exceptional fixtures. Thank You, David!

(Stratford, Ct)



David Laurence Flynn is a firm of Custom Lighting Manufacturers. Please feel free to make an appointment for a free no-obligation consultation in my studio*.
If you are looking for a “chandelier store near me” or a “lighting shop near me” you have come to the right place.
I hope you will be delighted with the result and will be inspired to commission another David Laurence Flynn fixture!
To find out more or make a booking please fill out this form. There is a charge for an in-home consultation. 
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